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June 06, 2022

How Can Geofencing In Tulsa Enhance A Home Security System?

Today's home security installations are becoming more capable every year. But, unfortunately, it’s still easy to neglect to do easy security duties like turning on your home security, closing the garage, or even making sure your doors are locked.

What if you no longer needed to concern yourself with these tasks ever again? With geofencing in Tulsa, you won’t need to.

What is Geofencing In Tulsa For Home Security Systems?

Geofencing creates a virtual border along the sides of your house, which you may set up in your smartphone app. This modern home security option then uses your cell phone to determine when you cross the perimeter and then triggers the tasks you have programmed.

What Makes Geofencing Work?

Geofencing relies on z-wave, a wireless communications standard that smart components take advantage of to share information with one another. This innovative approach aids your security system by grouping all elements onto a single network. You can institute a unique boundary on all sides of your house and program particular actions as you move beyond the prearranged border line.

For example, when you exit your property, you may program your security system to lock doors, shut the garage door, and arm your alarms. Then, when you come back home, geofencing can inform your system to disable the alarm, raise the garage door, brighten first-floor lights, and even change your smart thermostat.

Below are several of the components you can command with geofencing:

● Lighting

● Connected thermostats

● Surveillance cameras and your system’s alarm

● Electronic devices like Stereos, TVs, and appliances

● Overhead doors

Schedules, Scenes, And Geofencing Are All Possible With Your Smartphone App

Geofencing is one of the many ways you can utilize your home’s security system in Tulsa. When you download the mobile app, you can make the most of automation. Just tap a button, and you have the opportunity to:

● Enable Scheduling: set your smart devices to activate at a specific time. Direct various lights to dim to signal that it's bedtime, or deactivate your security alarms when you get up.

● Control device interactions: Make particular equipment come alive in response to a triggered event. Have your thermostat activate the exhaust fan when a smoke detector is set off. Or illuminate your hallway lighting when your doorbell camera detects strange movements around your property.

● Customize scenes: Create room and event scenes with various smart components that all act in unison. Have your lights switch off, the temperature go down, and the smart door locks engage at the end of the day. Or customize a scene for TV night with specific lighting and temperature levels.

● Take advantage of geofencing: You may not always remember to set your alarm system as you're hurrying to get out the door. With geofencing capability and your mobile device, you'll never forget to switch on the alarm and shut the garage door.

Take Advantage Of Geofencing in Tulsa

Whether you seek additional peace-of-mind of a completely secure residence whenever you go to work or you would like to automate your smart home technology, geofencing can help. Speak with one of our representatives today at (918) 308-5737 or send in the form below to begin customizing your optimal security system.