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May 16, 2022

Tips and Tricks For Your Tulsa Security System

You’re behind the times if your Tulsa home security system only has a couple of door and window sensors. There are a whole host of extra possibilities to link together, like home automation, mobile apps, and round-the-clock monitoring. With that many choice, your home can truly be optimized to your family’s needs.

The ensuing security tips and tricks for Tulsa will help you improve your house’s defense while giving benefits to your family’s life.

Tulsa Security Tip #1: Build Your Security System For Your Special Needs

It’s enticing to book a pre-selected package of devices and security cameras from an online retailer or big box store. These starter components are certainly convenient and look like they can be all you need. After all, doesn't everyone have similar components anyway? After all, all you really want is a door sensor over the main entryway and a doorbell camera for the front door.

Of course, it's not overstatement when you say that each house is special. Your requirements could not be the same items that some marketing associate thinks your property should have. Instead, you can speak with a security expert to order the complete alarm system for your needs. You could determine on a base system that involves one or two motion sensors around your entryways, or if you may discover you are looking at something for fire safety or smart home automation. The best tip for your Tulsa home security is to install the best security system for you and stop settling for something that is boiler-plate generic.

Tulsa Security Tip #2: Use The Benefits Of Home Automation

When and if you do think you need a larger services, you're probably looking at home automation. Smart components have elevated the home security industry as it provides you, the homeowner, an enhanced degree of security, control, and convenience. When you begin improving your system in Tulsa, smart devices should be the first request. The possibilities of automation are basically limitless, and makes your house more secure, more adaptable, and more efficient.

Home automation allows you to remotely manage your locks, lights, and thermostat using your mobile phone. Above the security benefit, you also have the opportunity to reduce energy bills by creating automated scenes and schedules. For example, make an “away” scene that makes your home appear that it is occupied when you’re not there by turning up the porch lights. If you are trying to save some cash and want to put your home’s systems in the palm of your hand, home automation is the answer.

Tulsa Security Tip #3: Round-The-Clock Monitoring Will Answer The Call Regardless of Your Location

Speaking of being away on a trip, let's say you're have a great time with a nice day on the beach. Back at your house, your doors have been breached and your house is broken into. The resulting alarm might be enough to scare off burglars but it’s best practices to call the authorities right away. If you incorporate 24-hour monitoring with your home security package, a professional agent will notice the alarm and will call emergency services to your door.

Even if you’re sleeping in your own bed, it’s still a advantage to have 24/7 services when an alarm strikes. You have other important tasks to take care of, like locating a secure area. Your monitoring experts will make sure the authorities are contacted immediately. You might also see that response times are quicker when emergency services are called by a professional monitoring service.

Tulsa Security Tip #4: Don’t Use Personal Info When Coding Smart Door Locks or Smart Hub Codes

Your birthday or anniversary is simple to remember, so that makes it a good code for your house’s smart door locks or security system number, correct? Not necessarily. You never want to use numbers that are personal as that can be easily guessed. Instead, use random pin that is virtually impossible to devise. And, give each family member their own random pin so it’s quicker to find out if one of your family’s lock code is being used.

Although they may be randomly devised, it’s still a safe idea to change your codes periodically throughout the year so your system is secure. This is the simplest security tips in Tulsa to do as it takes just a few minutes of your time. And with making numbers to your kids, if you have to assign door access to a service professional or neighbor, you can create a one time use code from your smartphone app.

Tulsa Security Tip #5: Put Your Home Security in Motion

You probably know that intruders prefer the shadows, so make it easier? Instead, hang smart lights nearby your large doorways and light up the area when the motion sensor is tripped. A properly-lit outside should do wonders to scare off prospective thieves. You could even consider installing motion-sensored lighting inside your house and have your hallway light-up when you go look at the babies at night.

Motion sensors not only works for lights but motion detection can also turn on your security cameras. When your camera senses uncommon motion, it can send a notification to your smartphone. You can then view what’s triggering the camera in with live feeds through ADT Control. It can be set to also start recording, giving you a 30-second clip to save for later. And if you have smart devices, you might even have your inside lights come on as well, further detering any would-be intruders lurking around.

Tulsa Security Tip #6: Get Security Alerts Right to Your Smartphone

One of the top benefits of a state-of-the-art security system is the incorporation of mobile security apps that ping notifications and let you to be in charge of your home from a distance. When a sensor goes off or a camera senses abnormal motion, you can receive a notification to your phone. That’s nice if a thief disturbs your house while you’re out of town. But smartphone notifications are also great so you can find out about a fire, flooded basement, or other disaster. You could even receive a notification from your doorbell camera that lets you know when your kids come home from school.

Along with texts, you can see live feeds directly from your indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. When you have a doorbell camera, you could receive an alert whenever a visitor shows up at your door. Then activate the two-way talk feature to make it feel like you are at your house, but cannot come to the door.

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