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December 05, 2022

Is There A Reason To Be Concerned About Smart Home Hacking In Tulsa?

In a variety of ways, smart tools like surveillance equipment and video doorbells have enhanced our security. We can receive notifications if a visitor comes up our front door, and we can have video segments delivered to us when dubious behavior is found. Having implements we may interact with through the internet warns us of prospective risks immediately. But there is one primary disadvantage. The quick access that benefits us is also cracking a door open for online invasions.

While you shouldn’t get yourself in a panic agonizing over smart home hacking in Tulsa, you should be aware of the risk involved and implement a plan to steer clear of it.

Ways To Block Smart Home Hacking

It’s astonishing how the internet has changed our daily lives as seemingly everything is accessible remotely, including your security sensors, smart TVs, and even your coffee maker. The drawback is that this produces more pathways for virtual villains to invade your network. That doesn't mean you have to forgo wireless home defense systems or other smart appliances. Instead, abide by these recommendations and take steps to keep prowlers off your network.

  • Use hard-to-crack passwords: This is a requirement for all accounts, and that includes your home’s wireless network. Use uppercase and lowercase and an assortment of letters, special characters, and numbers. Don’t use dates of birth, anniversaries, or anything else hackers might easily determine. A password generator will provide something absolutely random and a password manager can help you track your different accounts.

  • Change default settings: When setting up that new router, it will probably come with a standard password to get you started. Adjust it immediately. Hackers will be aware of these default settings as well. Setting up your wireless network and home router correctly at the start is critical in keeping you protected.

  • Consider more than one network: Why have your smart range, your security sensors, and your work laptop on one network? Most routers will let you create a different guest network. Be sure to use it and protect private information present on your laptop, desktop, and phone.

  • Install a firewall: Firewalls aren’t just for business settings. They may also be used on home network. Firewalls can watch your network’s traffic and stop questionable activity. You can opt for a router with a built-in firewall.

  • Utilize the top encryption options and security protocols: If you’re using a newer router, you will likely have the chance to utilize WPA3, the current wireless security protocol. If not, WPA2 with AES encryption is still a good choice. You need to look for home security devices that use 128-bit encryption or higher.

  • Be certain software and firmware is current: Keep your software and firmware on the most recent version for all devices, including your integrated surveillance units. Many times, these updates will patch various susceptibilities and tighten up your network security.

Beware of Lower Quality Smart Home Components In Tulsa

Leading companies like ADT and Google have reputations to uphold and will take steps to remedy a security issue in their devices. Other off-the-shelf products may not be quite as diligent. Purchasing your surveillance systems, video doorbell, smart thermostat, and other smart devices from a single supplier like ADT is a wise choice. And having all of your equipment installed at the same time will go a long way to ensuring flawless implementation, performance, and security. It’s important to note that ADT Command, the central touchpad interface, utilizes two-way encryption when interacting with your smart components.

Customize Your Own Tulsa Wireless Home Security Package

Now that you have a greater understanding on how to keep your home network secure, It’s the right moment to start on your own smart home security system in Tulsa. The security specialists at Secure24 Alarm Systems will help you find the right package for your family. Call (918) 308-5737 or submit the form to upgrade your home’s protection.