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June 24, 2024

Ways To Burglar-Proof Windows In Tulsa

It’s a dreaded scenario for families - a intruder climbing through a window and into your residence. You return home to discover valuables stolen and your house in shambles. Fortunately, there are many helpful options for protecting your most at-risk access areas. Learn how to burglar-proof windows in Tulsa and explore the perks of a comprehensive security system.

Set Off Your Alarm With Entry Point Sensors

If an intruder tries to enter through a window, your alarm needs to sound, and you should be alerted promptly, even when you’re away. You may get this functionality when installing the latest door and window sensors in Tulsa. Pick from these different kinds:

  • Contact sensors: Adaptable and simple, contact sensors form a magnetic field by using a two-piece system. The field is broken as the window opens, prompting your alarm to trip. You can install contact sensors on doors, windows, and other locations like swimming pool entrances.
  • Glass break sensors: Less patient thieves could simply try to break a window in lieu of opening it. Be ready with glass break sensors. You may find acoustic sensors that distinguish sound, other kinds that recognize vibration from glass shattering, and some that sense both.

No matter what you choose, the sensors will trigger your alarm and even notify you via your mobile device’s home security app.

Identify Activity With Motion Detectors In Tulsa

If a thief advances toward your home and is abruptly blasted with light, he will in all likelihood exit the property. Motion-sensing lights are greatly effective in keeping intruders away from your windows. Put them within range of your windows. Inside, you can utilize standalone motion detectors as a secondary layer of defense. You'll be alerted if an individual goes into a space they shouldn’t be in.

Discourage Trespassers With Outdoor Cameras And Signage

If a flash of light fails to keep prowlers away from your home, video cameras will often do the job. Merely the existence of cameras is typically all it takes to scare off trespassers. Modern devices can even integrate with your other features. Trigger lights to illuminate and get automatic updates delivered to your cell phone and monitoring agents. Home security signage provides an additional visual cue that your home is not the right target.

Other Ways To Burglar-Proof Windows In Tulsa

Your home’s security system and its incorporated equipment will burglar-proof windows in Tulsa, but they aren’t the only choice. Explore these additional burglar-proofing ideas:

  • Put in window bars. This solution can be used externally or inside. There are straightforward and more ornamental bars, as well as different modes of attachment. Choose from fixed, swing-away, or removable.
  • Upgrade your current window fasteners and hardware. Select more reliable, heavier-duty locks, and use tamper-resistant screws that are challenging to remove.
  • Use window security screens. Powerful, stainless-steel screens are hard to get past.
  • Use window security film.Easy-to-install security film may be cut to your window’s precise dimensions. It works similarly to windshield glass and prevents the window from crashing into your home.
  • Think about shatter-resistant glass. This unique glass is highly durable and stands up well against break-ins. It fractures into a spiderweb while maintaining its shape. It might also safeguard against weather-related damage.

Protect Your Windows And Your Whole Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Discover the latest tools to burglar-proof your windows and the rest of your Tulsa home by contacting Secure24 Alarm Systems. We supply modern video cameras, motion sensing implements, and window sensors to keep you fully secure. Phone (918) 308-5737 today to build your home security package.